Spark AR Kitchen Mini-Game template
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This template makes it easy to create a cool AR game. Insert your own items and customise the design to fit your needs. There are 20 different items to be collected within the time of 20 seconds. This game can be played through the front and back camera of a phone. A playable demo can be found here!

Game Rules
Press the screen to start a new game.
A timer starts running and you will need to collect as much items as possible, untill the timer runs out.
You can collect an item by pressing it.
A sound cue will be heard if the item is successfully collected.
If the timer runs out the game will end.
The collected items will be added up and the player will receive a star rating.
0 - 7 items = 1 Star
8 - 15 items = 2 Stars
16 - 20 items = 3 Stars
Press the screen to start a new game.

Key Features
- 360° AR Game
- Timer
- Sounds
- Random placement of items every time you start a new game
- Easy to use your own items
- Star rating system
- Fully Scripted (no Patches)

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